Robin Tolladay

landscape, nature & lifestyle photographer living in Scotland.
art director of fashion photography for commercial shoots. commissions & assignments welcome.

by way of introduction…my name is robin tolladay. is my passion, my work in progress. 

welcome -  feel free to  visit my galleries -

inspiration- life to me is like a (hopefully long running) movie without a script. the backdrops & props are our environment, and the things in it,

that with which we interact.

passion- is picking up a camera and capturing these elements, backdrops and scenarios, - to freeze frame them in their moment, forever.

whatever nature or man creates, can equally be aged, eroded or destroyed- depending on the impact, this can have a permanent affect on our environmental surroundings, our reactions to the ever changing world and our responsibility to natures fragile cycle. each can be measured by the ingenuity and invention of those inhabiting such a volatile but beautiful world.

scenarios are as many and varied as the people, animals and birds that inhabit them. all of these elements are wholly, or part of the scene for a myriad of countless dramas yet to be cast and played out . the excitement and energy I feel when taking photographs easily matches the rush of working with a commercial photo team, however, being in total control of my own photography allows me the freedom of interpreting the world as I see it.

share the moment- select an image to reflect your mood, your ideals, your beliefs. choice of finish is yours… compliment your castle, manor, house,

apartment, conservatory, beach hut, shed or restroom!

please see the various sizes, prices and the variety of finishes available to you when you order.

all my images are under my copyright and are watermarked with my logo for security but will not appear on your print. feel free to re-crop any of my pictures to how you wish, within the perimeters of the the given sizes when you order. if you like what you see please continue...

features- I can shoot and research to order on any topic relevant to your budget, magazine or publication, all pictures and written features will be provided to you in your own private, password protected gallery for your or your companies use only.

I am also fully versed in art direction / fashion / locations / studios / international / uk

based in east lothian,  as a photographer for hire locally or throughout scotland I will create for you a visual story of all those special, captivating

and tender moments while reflecting the lifestyle and occasion of your special day. 

creating for you and your loved ones pictures of special memories and endearing milestones ! - incorporating -

-portraits. parties . events involving loved ones- friends / family - beloved pets!

pricing. Tailor made to suit your requirements - and dependent on the type of occasion or subject  

all of your photographs will be edited and supplied to you for approval on your own private gallery site created by me and password protected for you.

If you have any questions about my work or would like to talk to me about working together - please get in touch using the

'contact me' link above. 

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